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Personal Device Registration

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How do I register my personal device?


Note: You must be on the Northwood network in order to register your device

  1. Connect your device to Northwood University’s wired or wireless network. Please note that if you are using a wireless connections, you must select the SSID "northwood".
  2. Start a web browser and try to visit a webpage. *You should be redirected to the Acceptable Use page. If using Chrome, go to
  3. Review the policy and click Agree.
  4. Choose the link "Users who have a Northwood University account".
  5. Enter your Northwood University Username and Password, then click Continue.
  6. After a successful login you will have a 45 second countdown while your device joins the Northwood network. When the countdown is completed close the web browser.
  7. Now reopen a web browser and try to visit a web page, the page should now load. If you are still redirected to the Acceptable Use page, try disconnecting from the network and reconnecting or rebooting the device.

*If Kaspersky Antivirus or Security are installed on your device you'll need to remove the program(s) and install Microsoft Security Essentials to ensure you are protected from viruses.

What do I do if I have malware or a virus?

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