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Parent WebAdvisor, Person PROXY, and Northwood NOW! Access

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How can I access my student's financial aid and make payments online?


What is Parent WebAdvisor?

As a parent, you may need access to view your student’s academic and financial information. If your child grants you access you will be able to review your student's bill/account and make payments, financial aid status, award letter, class schedule, final grades, and view an unofficial transcript.

What is Northwood NOW!?

Northwood University adapted an emergency notification system, known as Northwood NOW!, as an additional communication tool for students, faculty, staff, parents and family members to stay informed in the event of an emergency situation. The service allows users to select what type of information they wish to receive, and how they receive it. Currently, the notification options include e-mail, text messages, or land line phone options.

STUDENTS MUST Provide Parent Access to Parent WebAdvisor by completing these steps.

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