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Home PC purchases for students, faculty, and staff

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What Dell discounts do you offer?


Dell Computer Company has created a custom web store for Northwood University students, faculty, and staff to purchase personal computers for home use. The web store allows for online ordering at a discounted price.

Dell is the standard PC for all Northwood University owned computers. Northwood University Information Technology recommends Dell computers for home usage. All Dell purchases through this Dell program are transactions between Dell and the individual ordering the computer. Northwood University plays no role in the purchase, warranty, or ongoing support of the computer or associated equipment.

Note to Faculty and Staff: This program should be used for purchasing PCs for personal use only. All Northwood University related computer purchases must go through the Help Desk.

Note to Students: Both wired and wireless connectivity is available in all student housing areas. Wireless is available in all campus buildings.


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