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SSL VPN Pulse Secure Install Windows Computers

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How do I VPN into the Northwood network?


The first time a computer logs into the updated SSL VPN software there will be a few extra steps that need to be completed in order to prepare the computer to use the system. Below are detailed instructions for first time use.

  1. Open an Internet Explorer and type into the address bar.
  2. Please log in using your Northwood University username and password.
  3. Windows machines WILL prompt you to download an app. The installer will be in the middle or bottom of the web browser. ALLOW or ENABLE all prompts as they display!
  4. (You may get a setup control warning asking if you want to download, install, and/or execute software from the following server. You can choose ALWAYS for this prompt.)
  5. Allow the Pulse Secure installer to finish. It will take several minutes for it to fully install.
  6. If connected you will see a Pulse Secure icon in the lower right hand corner of your toolbar instead of the green padlock.
  7. To disconnect find the Pulse Secure icon in your system tray. Right click and then click on open Pulse Secure (see below) then click to disconnect.

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