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Self-Registered Guest WiFi Access

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How can I access the Northwood wireless network?


All visitors to Northwood University have access to the northwood wireless network.  Self-Registration for an account is required, and has been verified to work with all major web browsers—if you have problems registering your device, please try a different web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Guest access is for 24 hours—for longer stays, users must self-register after the initial session expires.


  1. Search for the northwood SSID wireless connection on your mobile, laptop, or tablet
  2. Open an internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)
  3. The web browser should take you to (if it doesn’t manually type in the address)
  4. Choose Agree
  5. Choose Guests (24 hour access) - Start>>
  6. Enter your information into the Guest Self Registration form
  7. Choose Request Guest Access
  8. An assigned username and password will auto-populate, and an email from Northwood WiFi will also be sent with credentials
  9. Check that you agree to the AUP and choose Login
  10. Your device will register and complete
  11. Once finished close the browser window and reopen to join the wireless network


**Only one device per email address can be registered at a time

As most other public WiFi services, northwood is not an encrypted network. Use https or other secure applications if you need to send personal or confidential data

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