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Issues registering in Northwood NOW!

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What do I do if Northwood NOW! will not let me register?


In some cases, Northwood NOW! may not allow users to register for the alert system and prevent them from accessing Blackboard. If you receive an error message of "The SMS Address {phone} has been blocked by the carrier or the user.  Notifications will not be sent to this device." This error message indicates that at one point you notified your cellular carrier that you did not want to receive SPAM texts. 

In order to resolve your blocked carrier issue, and allow texts from Northwood Now, please copy the statement below, input your personal information, and email it back to the IT Help DeskFor now, you may submit your Northwood Now update without a phone number to get past the mentioned error message.


I, {Your Name}, hold MIR3(Northwood NOW) harmless for sending notifications to my device at {Your Number} for {Your Phone Carrier}. Please whitelist the number for Northwood University.

, {Your Signature}

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