Reset/Change your Northwood Password and Security Questions

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How do I reset/change my password and/or set up my security questions?


Information Technology has implemented a password self-service system which allows students, faculty, and staff to reset their password via the web at any time, from any location. Current users are forced to enroll in this service and provide three security questions with answers to verify identity. This will ensure that during your time at Northwood, you will always have the ability to reset your password as the Help Desk is not open 24 hours per day.



To reset your password:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Reset My Password *this option will only work if you have already setup your Northwood security questions
  3. Type in your Northwood username
  4. Domain will remain “northwood”
  5. Choose Next
  6. Answer the security question to reset your forgotten or expired password

To setup security questions and utilize the password self-service tool:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Setup Security Questions
  3. During this set up you will select three questions and you must provide the answers. It is strongly suggested that you pick security questions that have a definitive answer, and won’t change as time goes on. This set up is a one-time process and only takes a few minutes
  4. Once you have set up your password self-service you will be able to reset your password, unlock your account, or change your current password.

To change your current Northwood password:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Setup Security Questions
  3. Choose Change my Current Password
  4. Type in your Northwood username
  5. Domain will remain “northwood”
  6. Type in current Northwood password
  7. Type in new password and confirm password



We recommend that all faculty and staff who are located on campus (or are using VPN to connect to the Northwood network) use the method below to change their password.  If the steps below are followed, you will be less likely to have password synchronization issues.

  1. Log into a Northwood owned computer
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and then click Change a password
  3. Type your old password followed by a new password as indicated, and then type the new password again to confirm it
  4. Press Enter

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