Connect to my Home Wireless using Odyssey Access Client Manager

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How do I connect my Northwood owned laptop to my home network?

  1. Double click on the Odyssey Access Client Manager to bring up the settings screen. 
  2. Now on the Odyssey Access Client Manager (OACM), click the "Scan" button so your Wi-Fi card can scan the home Wi-Fi network.
  3. The scan should reveal your home Wi-Fi network as well as other Wi-Fi signals in the air.
  4. Please double-click on your home Wi-Fi. Once you double click you would be prompted to enter your WPA or WPA2 key (this is the password you have setup for your home Wi-Fi).
  5. Next, click "OK" and you should return to the OACM’s main screen. Please make sure you check the "connect to the network" option.
  6. Verify the connection information status field to ensure that you are connected.

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