Logging into Blackboard

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How do I log into Blackboard?


My. Northwood.edu is a web portal maintained for the benefit of Northwood University students, faculty and staff. This site will play an important role in your Northwood experience, making your awareness and understanding of it key to your success as a Northwood faculty or staff member.

The online address is: http://my.northwood.edu.

To login, enter your Northwood provided username and password and then Click the Login button.

If you encounter any difficulties logging in, contact our Northwood University Helpdesk at 877.209.4357 or via email to helpdesk@northwood.edu

After logging in, you will find a series of tabs—My Campus through Web Mail— that provide the organizational and navigational structure to access the information, resources and services available to you as a Northwood student, faculty or staff member.

My Campus is the “landing” page (tab) all students, faculty and staff enter upon login to my.northwood.

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