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What all can I do within Blackboard?

Answer is a community web space for Northwood students, faculty and staff. It serves as a single-source venue for communication, teaching and learning, access to key resources and services, and as access to individual academic and financial information. The site is organized and navigated through a series of tabs beginning with My Campus through Web Mail. This is a preview of the information and resources available within each Tab area.

What will I find inside

The site is organized/navigated through a series of primary tabs (from left to right):

  1. My Campus—the opening screen or landing/homepage of the site
  2. My Courses/Orgs—access to your courses and organizations
  3. My Files—virtual storage
  4. Library—student electronic reference/research resources
  5. WebAdvisor—personal academic/financial records and resources
  6. Web Mail—your Northwood email

The My Campus tab also contains a series of secondary tabs with access to:

  1. Blackboard Help—tutorials and help documentation for using Blackboard
  2. Notifications—overview of course and organization activity
  3. Password Self Service—on-demand self-service for password resets/changes
  4. Northwood NOW!—University emergency notification enrollment system
  5. System Outages—University calendar of electronic system downtime
  6. Northwood Hub—University athletics and social media interaction
  7. Wall Street Journal Online –business, finance, economic, political and sports news
  8. Feedback—share your comments regarding the site

My Campus houses: 

  • My Campus FYIs—University messages and notices 
  • Campus Calendars
  • Information/Services/Tools— links to graduate student services, information 
  • My Bookmarks—personal links to frequented web locations

My Courses/Orgs contains your Course List, Course Report Card and Organization List.

My Files or My Content is a personal virtual storage area for student files/documents. In addition, students can click Northwood University to access University shared documents/files. Due to the web-based nature of, files stored within My Files are available as long as access to the Internet is available.

Library provides access to all electronic research and reference tools specific to our students. Librarian contact information is also included. The leftcolumn menu is navigation to resources.

Use WebAdvisor Students folder to access personal, financial and academic records and resources.

Web Mail is access to your Northwood email account. Your Northwood email is used exclusively within courses and organizations for communication making it imperative to check this account frequently for new messages.

NOTE: It is important to ALWAYS LOGOUT of my.northwood to protect your personal information.

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