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Orange arrow How can I access the Northwood wireless network?

  All visitors to Northwood University have access to the northwood wireless network. Self-Registration for an account is required, and has been verified to work with all major web browsers—if you have problems registering your device, please try a different web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer...
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Orange arrow I am a guest staying in the NADA hotel, how do I access the hotel's WiFi?

  All NADA hotel guests have access to the NADAguests wireless network. This service has been verified to work with all major web browsers. Search for the NADAguests SSID wireless connection on your mobile, laptop, or tablet Your device should prompt you for the hotel password which you can requ...
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Orange arrow How do I register my personal device?

  Note: You must be on the Northwood network in order to register your device Connect your device to Northwood University’s wired or wireless network. Please note that if you are using a wireless connections, you must select the SSID "northwood". Start a web browser and try to visit a...
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Orange arrow How do you map a network share drive?

  When you create a shortcut to a shared folder or computer on a network (also called mapping a network drive), you can get to it from Computer or Windows Explorer without having to look for it or type its network address each time. Open Computer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking C...
Orange arrow If I have my own computer, can I connect to the Internet from my dorm room/apartment?

  All students who wish to connect their personal computer to the Northwood University network must meet certain security requirements. Upon connecting to the Northwood network, you will be required to install an agent that will check your computer for specific criteria and require you to fix any pro...
Orange arrow How do I add a network printer?

  To add a network printer(s) to your printer list please complete the following steps. Find the name of the printer you would like to add. Most printers have the name labeled on the front of the printer. If you do not see a label with the printers name ask a coworker the name of the printer. Op...
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Orange arrow How do I connect my Northwood owned laptop to my home network?

  Double click on the Odyssey Access Client Manager to bring up the settings screen. Now on the Odyssey Access Client Manager (OACM), click the "Scan" button so your Wi-Fi card can scan the home Wi-Fi network. The scan should reveal your home Wi-Fi network as well as other Wi-Fi signals in the a...
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Orange arrow How do I register my Game Console/Smart TV/Entertainment Device to the network?

  Connect your Game Console/Smart TV/Entertainment Device to the wired or wireless network and start an online game or attempt to connect to the Internet. This will allow the network registration system to see your system’s registration attempts. If the device has a web browser you may be able...
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Orange arrow How do I VPN into the Northwood network?

  The first time a computer logs into the updated SSL VPN software there will be a few extra steps that need to be completed in order to prepare the computer to use the system. Below are detailed instructions for first time use. Open an Internet Explorer and type into the address...
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Orange arrow How do I log into the Texas Classroom and Lab Computers?

  Please use the following credentials to use the PC’s in the lab and classrooms: Username: .\nu_guest Password: Welcome2016 The “.\” before nu_guest is necessary....

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