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Orange arrow Can I access my Northwood email on my mobile device?

  If you have mobile device that is able to sync/connect with Exchange/Outlook, you may be able to access your Northwood email account from your device. VIDEO TUTORIALS iOS Devices (iPhone / iPad) Tap Settings on the Home screen Tap Mail Tap Accounts (if running iOS 10) Tap Add Account... Ta...
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Orange arrow How do I get Microsoft Office on my device?

  Northwood University is providing Microsoft Office to our faculty, staff, and student's PERSONAL HOME COMPUTER(S) AND/OR MOBILE DEVICE(S) free of charge. This means the latest version of the full Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more are available. As long ...
Orange arrow How do I use my Northwood University office phone?

  Phone Instructions for Northwood University...
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Orange arrow How do I access my Northwood University voicemail?

  This quick reference guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform important tasks when using the Modular Messaging system through the AriaÆ telephone user interface (TUI). For additional information, consult the Avaya Telephone Messaging Features. How do I set up my Voicemail?...
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Orange arrow How do I navigate the phone directory?

  DIRECTORY, NEXT and MAKE CALL Press the Right Navigation Arrow to view the phone features. Press the Down Navigation Arrow to locate Directory. Press the line button next to Directory. Using the touchtone keypad, spell out the last name of the person you wish to find. Example: Spell the last n...
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Orange arrow How do I set up my Northwood University Voicemail?

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Orange arrow Why is my phone not getting calls?

  If your phone is going straight to VM and you are not getting phone calls, you may have Call Forwarding/Send All turned on. To Turn this Off you'll need to: Hang up your Phone Look for the SendAll tab (that is checked) on your phone display (second tab from the left) Hit the Send All button, ...
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Orange arrow Where do I find my device's MAC Address?

  What is a MAC Address? A MAC address is a unique identifier attached to most network adapters (NICs). This identifier is a sequence of 12 hexad ecimal digits (0-9,A-F) most often represented like this 00:11:22:aa:bb:cc or 00-11-22-aa-bb-cc. To find your device's MAC address follow the simple step...
Orange arrow How do I take a screenshot on my device?

  For Windows users: To take a screenshot on Windows you will need to locate the PrtScn button, typically located in the upper right hand side of your keyboard, and press that button. This will capture your entire screen and copy it to the clipboard where you can then paste it into a Word or Paint d...
Orange arrow How do I login to Northwood owned Avaya telephones?

  To Login: Hit Menu Choose Log in Type in your extension Hit Enter Type in your extension again Hit Enter To Log out: Hit Menu Choose Log out Choose Log out again How do I access my Northwood University voicemail?How do I set up my Northwood University Voicemail?How do I navigat...
Orange arrow How do I register my personal device?

  Note: You must be on the Northwood network in order to register your device Connect your device to Northwood University’s wired or wireless network. Please note that if you are using a wireless connections, you must select the SSID "northwood". Start a web browser and try to visit a...
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