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Orange arrow I am Faculty/Staff and having PGP login issues, how can I fix it?

  Chances are you are on a laptop and recently changed your password. You will need to follow the directions below to synchronize the updated password on your machine. Login to the PGP screen using your OLD password (if your new password is not working) Hit the Tab key to see what characters...
Orange arrow What are the password requirements?

  Northwood University is committed to a secure information technology environment, and requires strong and unique passwords. Passwords that do not meet the following requirements or are otherwise found vulnerable will be rejected. Passwords must meet the following criteria Be at least 8 characte...
Orange arrow How do I reset/change my password and/or set up my security questions?

  Information Technology has implemented a password self-service system which allows students, faculty, and staff to reset their password via the web at any time, from any location. Current users are forced to enroll in this service and provide three security questions with answers to verify identity...
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Orange arrow What sort of network accounts will I have at Northwood University?

  Every student will be given a user ID and a password to log onto the network, and their Blackboard account. The user ID that is assigned to you does not change. The password to log onto the network and into Blackboard is the same. The password will expire every 180 days....
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Orange arrow Am I provided with a folder to save files on campus computers?

  Students are provided with 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive online storage space for documents, photos, and videos, so you can edit and share them from anywhere, on all of your devices. Students are also provided 250 MB of personal network space called the S: drive to store information when working in a ...
Orange arrow Who do I contact to get a username and password for my new employee?

  User accounts are created 24 hours after HR has officially input the new hire and assigned an employee ID. Once this occurs, Information Technology will send the supervisor account credentials along with an Additional Access Request web form link. In order to streamline the new employee process...
Orange arrow How do I stop receiving Spam mail?

  When you no longer want to see messages from someone, you can block a sender. Below you will find directions on how to setup this feature using Outlook. Block Sender Right-click a message from the sender you want to block, and then click Junk > Block Sender. The blocked...

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