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Orange arrow How do I add a network printer?

  To add a network printer(s) to your printer list please complete the following steps. Find the name of the printer you would like to add. Most printers have the name labeled on the front of the printer. If you do not see a label with the printers name ask a coworker the name of the printer. Op...
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Orange arrow Are students required to own a computer?

  No. Students who do not own a computer may use on-campus computer labs. Northwood has several academic computer labs available, with a capacity of over 150 workstations, on campus for student use at various times throughout the day. Open lab hours will vary in each lab for each semester. Miner ...
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Orange arrow Will I need to bring a printer to campus?

  No. A printer is not required. All campus computer labs have a laser printer for student use. A system is in place to keep track of all personal student printing. Each print job costs 10 cents for black and white and 15 cents for color. Northwood provides you a $75 balance to use toward printing at...
Orange arrow How do I add more money to my printing balance?

  You will need to fill out a Print Purchase Agreement Form and pay for the additional printing credits at the Business Office. Once the form has been filled out, the Information Technology office will be emailed your receipt and add the amount to your print balance within 24 hours....
Orange arrow Will my printing balance rollover to the next semester?

  Yes....the $75 annual balance is good from Fall to the beginning of the next Fall term. If a student adds money to their printer account throught the business office that money will never expire....
Orange arrow How do I obtain a Xerox Printer/Copy Code?

  If you are having code difficulties with a Xerox printer, or need a code established please contact Bridget Smith at x74304 in the Business Office....
Orange arrow How do I order toner replacement for my printer?

  Auto toner reorders will take place once the toner gets to a certain percentage after analyzing usage. Please give it a bit more time, as the toner is more than likely in transit or will be shipped soon. If your printer has stopped printing and are unable to locate spare toner please contact the ...

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