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Orange arrow Are students required to own a computer?

  No. Students who do not own a computer may use on-campus computer labs. Northwood has several academic computer labs available, with a capacity of over 150 workstations, on campus for student use at various times throughout the day. Open lab hours will vary in each lab for each semester. Miner ...
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Orange arrow How do I log into the Texas Classroom and Lab Computers?

  Please use the following credentials to use the PC’s in the lab and classrooms: Username: .\nu_guest Password: Welcome2016 The “.\” before nu_guest is necessary....
Orange arrow How do I utilize Adobe CS 5.5 (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc) in the Jordan Lab?

  In order for students to use Adobe CS 5.5 students must login to the Jordan CLASSROOM machines using the following credentials. CS 5.5 is located on all even number machines with a green dot sticker. username: .\miscs5 password: mislabcs5 **Please note the (.\) is necessary for the usernam...

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