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Orange arrow How do I install Minitab or JMP?

  The IT Help Desk no longer provides software install discs to any program. However, all Math software resources are now available as a digital download. Log into Choose the My Files Tab Click the Northwood University section on the left hand side of the screen Choose Math ...
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Orange arrow How do I get Microsoft Office on my device?

  Northwood University is providing Microsoft Office to our faculty, staff, and student's PERSONAL HOME COMPUTER(S) AND/OR MOBILE DEVICE(S) free of charge. This means the latest version of the full Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more are available. As long ...
Orange arrow What do I do if I have malware or a virus?

  All computers that access the Northwood University network are required to have an up-to-date antivirus package installed. The links provided below are suggestions for computer users who do not yet have an antivirus software installed. Northwood University does not endorse a given package over anot...
Orange arrow What is OneDrive and how do I use it?

  Microsoft OneDrive for Education is your document library. OneDrive for Education uses Microsoft Office 365 hosted productivity software to store and organize your work files in the cloud. When you store your files in the cloud, it’s easy to share them with your coworkers so that they can r...
Orange arrow Can you help with publisher integrations like Minitab, WileyPlus, SimNet, Pearson MyLab, or McGrawHill?

  Since publishers integrations and materials are outside of the Northwood Blackboard system (e.g., WileyPlus, SIMnet, Pearson), Northwood I.T. staff are blocked from getting into the systems to troubleshoot issues for you or students. The publishers have support staffs of their own that are very ...
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Orange arrow What Hardware/Software do I need to access Blackboard?

  Hardware and Software Specifications for Blackboard You need a computer with multimedia capabilities (i.e., sound with speakers), a monitor capable of at least 800 x 600 resolution, an Internet connection of least a 56K modem connection, and an Internet Browser in order to access Blackboard. Y...
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Orange arrow Who do I call if I am having bookstore issues?

  Northwood University uses third party vendors to supply books to our students. These third party sites require students to create a separate site specific account to place an order. The Northwood IT Help Desk does not have the capability of resetting passwords for either the ADP (MBS) or Traditiona...
Orange arrow How do I sync my Northwood email account with my computer's Outlook software?

  The IT Help Desk does not assist or support users in setting up their Northwood University email account in their home computer's Outlook software. Instead, we encourage all end users to login to Blackboard and use the WEBMAIL tab to check their university email or sync their mobile device with th...
Orange arrow How do I find the name of my computer?

  All Northwood owned machines should have a BGInfo installed on them. To quickly locate your PC name click on the BGInfo icon in your system tray (circled in red below). If you cannot locate the BGInfo icon you can follow the instructions below to locate your device name based on platform. Win...

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