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Orange arrow I am Faculty/Staff and having PGP login issues, how can I fix it?

  Chances are you are on a laptop and recently changed your password. You will need to follow the directions below to synchronize the updated password on your machine. Login to the PGP screen using your OLD password (if your new password is not working) Hit the Tab key to see what characters...
Orange arrow What are the password requirements?

  Northwood University is committed to a secure information technology environment, and requires strong and unique passwords. Passwords that do not meet the following requirements or are otherwise found vulnerable will be rejected. Passwords must meet the following criteria Be at least 8 characte...
Orange arrow How do I turn off pop-up blocker?

  If you are experiencing difficulties with Colleague or other sites not opening pages, you probably have your pop-up blocker turned on. To turn this off please follow the instructions below. Internet Explorer: Navigate the to Tools icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Scroll dow...
Orange arrow How do I login to Northwood owned Avaya telephones?

  To Login: Hit Menu Choose Log in Type in your extension Hit Enter Type in your extension again Hit Enter To Log out: Hit Menu Choose Log out Choose Log out again How do I access my Northwood University voicemail?How do I set up my Northwood University Voicemail?How do I navigat...
Orange arrow How do I obtain a Xerox Printer/Copy Code?

  If you are having code difficulties with a Xerox printer, or need a code established please contact Bridget Smith at x74304 in the Business Office....
Orange arrow How do I use my Northwood University office phone?

  Phone Instructions for Northwood University...
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Orange arrow How do I access my Northwood University voicemail?

  This quick reference guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform important tasks when using the Modular Messaging system through the AriaÆ telephone user interface (TUI). For additional information, consult the Avaya Telephone Messaging Features. How do I set up my Voicemail?...
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Orange arrow How do I navigate the phone directory?

  DIRECTORY, NEXT and MAKE CALL Press the Right Navigation Arrow to view the phone features. Press the Down Navigation Arrow to locate Directory. Press the line button next to Directory. Using the touchtone keypad, spell out the last name of the person you wish to find. Example: Spell the last n...
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Orange arrow How do I set up my Northwood University Voicemail?

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Orange arrow Can you help with publisher integrations like Minitab, WileyPlus, SimNet, Pearson MyLab, or McGrawHill?

  Since publishers integrations and materials are outside of the Northwood Blackboard system (e.g., WileyPlus, SIMnet, Pearson), Northwood I.T. staff are blocked from getting into the systems to troubleshoot issues for you or students. The publishers have support staffs of their own that are very ...
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Orange arrow How can I access the Northwood wireless network?

  All visitors to Northwood University have access to the northwood wireless network. Self-Registration for an account is required, and has been verified to work with all major web browsers—if you have problems registering your device, please try a different web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer...
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Orange arrow How do I navigate through Blackboard?

  Please see the Getting Started with the Course Environment guide posted here....
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Orange arrow How do I log into Blackboard?

  My. is a web portal maintained for the benefit of Northwood University students, faculty and staff. This site will play an important role in your Northwood experience, making your awareness and understanding of it key to your success as a Northwood faculty or staff member. The onlin...
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Orange arrow What all can I do within Blackboard?

405 views is a community web space for Northwood students, faculty and staff. It serves as a single-source venue for communication, teaching and learning, access to key resources and services, and as access to individual academic and financial information. The site is organized and navigated...
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Orange arrow How do I post a course syllabus?

  With Edit Mode on, Click Syllabus from the course menu Mouse over Build Content to display the drop-down menu then choose (click) Item To attach/link the Syllabus, you can choose to: - click the Attach File tool from the Text editor, or - click Browse My Computer to attach from a location o...
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