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Orange arrow How do I embed a Youtube video to my class?

  With the recent updates made by Google in April the ability record/upload videos through your course and select videos for display in your course has been broken. Blackboard is currently working on a fix but currently the ability is not there. In the meantime you can use the below steps to upload/r...
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Orange arrow How do I embed Media Site videos into my Blackboard course?

  Recent system updates have given us a new option to search and embed Northwood Media Site videos within our Blackboard classes. Please watch this 1 minute demonstration video:
Orange arrow Why isn't my Media Site video opening?

  Media Site video not opening? Due to security updates, the Media Site video hyperlinks may need to include the “https” instead of just the “http” at the front of the URL. Copy and paste the video’s URL link into a new internet window/tab, then add the "s" as mentio...
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