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Orange arrow How do I create a course announcement?

  With Edit Mode on, scroll down to the Course Management menu, expand Course Tools and Click Announcements Click Create Announcement button Complete the Create Announcement screen Type Subject Title Add Message – Use editor tools to change fonts, text color/size, add external links, ...
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Orange arrow What is Northwood NOW?

  Information Technology requires all students to enroll in our Northwood NOW! Alert Notification System. In the event of incalement weather or an emergency, Northwood University will make every effort to reach all students, faculty and staff through the contact information you enter into Northwood ...
Orange arrow What do I do if Northwood NOW! will not let me register?

  In some cases, Northwood NOW! may not allow users to register for the alert system and prevent them from accessing Blackboard. If you receive an error message of "The SMS Address {phone} has been blocked by the carrier or the user. Notifications will not be sent to this device." This error message...

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